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As we were driving through the open roads through what seemed like no-where, it appeared as if we weren't going anywhere. Not only because everything has looked the same for hours, but because nothing's seemed to have changed in our lives. Things have become stagnant and dull, and I've been wondering for months where things will go from here.

Looking back through the rearview mirror, I wonder if looking back, things could have been different. I wonder if there's anything I could have done to make things better, and I'm curious to know if you could have tried harder to make things work.

As we continue down the road that still appears to be endless, I look over at you after trying so hard not to. Neither of us have spoken a word in what seems like eternity. As I take a glance at you, I can see the look of anger and discontent in your face. I know that you saw me look at you, yet you couldn't dare to look back at me.

I quickly turn back around to look out the window. Tears are starting to form in my eyes, but I wouldn't want you to notice. It's not like you would care anyways. "When will this end" is the phrase that's repeating over and over in my head.

The scenery is finally starting to change and as we appear to be entering a more populated and civilized place, I'm hoping that this will be over soon. I want out. Not only from this metal cage that is the car that I'm in, but this situation. I'm fed up and I need to leave; for good.

I look up and notice the beauty of the trees and the sky. It serves as a distraction and an escape from where I currently am. I find myself dreaming, dreaming of a time and place far away from you. A place that's infinitely better in every possible way. I just wonder when I'll get there.

I finally muster up th courage to speak. "Pull over and let me out" I yell. As the car comes to a halt next to a gate near an open field, I quickly grab my things, open the car door, and storm out. I don't even bother to look at you as I hear you start to drive away. I never thought that this is how it would end, yet here I am...