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Though I can't remember the town I lived in when I was a baby, I remember it was near Gresham in the Portland area. I lived here for quite a few years, and have fond memories of snow days, Thanksgiving, and our dog Rusty and cat Susie.
I've lived in Vancouver the longest compared to the other towns I've lived in, and I currently live here. My family moved here multiple times. Most of my childhood was spent here, and it's now home to the adult portion of my life.
When my parents divorced, my dad and I lived in Camas for a couple of years before we moved back to Vancouver. We lived in a three story townhouse, with a small backyard. This is where I adopted my current dog, Lani. I spent most of my highschool years here.
One of the biggest moves I've had was when my family moved to Arizona for the first time. We originally moved to Maricopa, and spent a couple years here. I don't remember a ton of Maricopa, but I remember the heat and how long it took to drive to Phoenix.
The only other place in Arizona I've lived in was Goodyear. We rented a home in a community in Estrella Mountain and stayed there for a couple years. I remember the beautiful scenery, the drives into town, and all the scorpions we'd find inside our house.