New Side of Paradise

Prepare to embark on a new storytelling experience. Often times we experience stories that are remediated from one medium to another, such as a book turned into a movie or a comic turned into a television series. But it brings up the question: what changes when we jump mediums. What do we lose? What do we gain?

This is a narrative that traverses multiple mediums as the story progresses. We will start off in text, eventually becoming audio, video and more. How this effects the story is up for you to decide, but it's up to you to read on.

In his younger and more naive years Layton was carefree about the future. He trusted in the process. He never doubted even for a second the nature of his life or what might happen to his photographs fifty years down the road. The reality set in when Layton saw the poster that hung on his school wall. His fellow students were none the wiser, but Layton noticed. He stared at that poster with such a fierce intensity that he worried he might light it ablaze with his thoughts alone. There was a quote on the poster that had been turning in his mind like a hot coal. It was a quote by Henry David Thoreau. It read: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined.”

Layton didn't have the first clue what he wanted. His imagination lacked direction and his heart lacked motivation. Layton felt like his life had hit an iceberg. This fog over the ocean made him the titanic and he feared his voyage might be all for not. This was new territory for Layton and for the first time in his life he learned what it truly meant to be frightened. Instead of slipping and falling into his doubts he decided to leap towards freedom.

It was time he did something drastic.