New Side of Paradise

He forgot where he was for a moment and decided to follow his feet. He walked away from his car, to the corner of a street called Birch. He found himself moving faster for some reason, almost in a run, but ever so slightly still in a walk. Layton followed a path that seemed to break away from the atmosphere of suburbia. In the distance he could see trees reaching the zenith of the neighborhood fences. As he walked down the path he smelled what he recognized as bark chips. Langley Park was the name of this place according to a sign Layton read as he fumbled around it. He had always been the klutzy type. Layton spied a Sequoia Gigantea at the far end of the field. He found a girl sitting underneath it. The way she sat was picturesque to Layton. She stuck out in the park because the blanket she sat on was bright yellow and it contrasted nearly everything except for the sun.

Layton was never good at talking in general, let alone to girls, but today was a different sort of day for Layton Thatchley.