Welcome to Helena, Montana!

The capitol city of the Big Sky State! What makes this place so special to me is that it's like a second home. This is where my mother grew up during her childhood and where the majority of my family lives. Every summer I would come and spend a few weeks living in the area and there are a few special places that I would go and visit. Now let's take a tour down memory lane...

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Grandma's House

The place that my family and I would stay at is my Grandma Phyllis' house. From her house we could get a clear view of the city and spend hours talking with family and eating dinner. We would also enjoy playing with her dog Sparky who would bark at almost every stranger that walked by.

Last Chance Splash Waterpark & Pool

Now let's take a splash into our next area. At the Last Chance Waterpark, my cousins and I would spend an entire day swimming around the local pool and taking dives off of the high board.

The Parrot

Also known as The Parrot Confectionery Store is where everyone goes if they wanna buy a sweet treat to eat. This family owned store has been in Helena since 1922 and serves 130 different types of candy for any to enjoy! You can also order some lunch while playing tunes on their old timey jukebox.

Capitol Building

Of course who could even forget the Capitol Building itself! One of the main attractions of Helena is that you can take a ride on the tour train stationed at the Capitol. You can take a ride on the miniature train while a tour guide brings you to all the various locations that make up Helena, Montana (almost like this website!).