Works on Desktop

The works featured in this part of the exhibit, for the most part, have been produced for desktop computers and include some of the earliest works of electronic literature. The curatorial statement that contextualizes many of the choices that led to the selection and inclusion of these works can be found in Dene Grigar's Curatorial Statement page of the website.

Annotations, authors' biographies, & publication dates are included as hyperlinks that can be accessed by hovering over or clicking on each work below. Much of the content was produced by undergraduates in The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program at Washington State University Vancouver and, so, is noted where appropriate.

Computer Station 1: From The Electronic Literature Organization, Part 1
Computer Station 2: From The Electronic Literature Organization, Part 2
Computer Station 3: The Eastgate School
Computer Station 4: Experiments with Form
Computer Station 5: Multimodal Narratives
Computer Station 6: Multimodal Poetry
Computer Station 7: Vectors Projects
Computer Station 8: Literary Games
Computer Station 9: Future Writers—Electronic Literature by Undergraduates from U.S. Universities mappingWorks on Desktop (see more Student Works in Mobile/Geolocative)
Computer Station 10: Invisible Seattle