Mobile & Geolocative Works

The works featured in this part of the exhibit have been created specifically for mobile devices or have included an iteration that allows the work to be accessed and read on one. The curatorial statement that contextualizes many of the choices that led to the selection and inclusion of these works can be found on the Curatorial Statement page of the website.

Annotations, authors' biographies, & publication dates are included as hyperlinks that can be accessed by clicking on each work below. Much of the content was produced by undergraduates in The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program at Washington State University Vancouver and, so, is noted where appropriate.

Mark Amerika, Immobilité, 2011

Kate Armstrong, "Ping," 2002

LAT-23 (Claudio Bueno, Denise Agassi, Marcus Bastos and Nacho Duran), "LAT 23," 2010

Robin Elliott, [Murmur], 2003

Jeremy Hight, "34 North 118 West," 2002

Aya Karpinska, Shadows Never Sleep, 2008

LAinundacion, L.A. Flood Project, 2011

Jason E. Lewis & Bruno Nadeau, P.o.E.M.M., 2011

Erik Loyer, Strange Rain, 2011

Erik Loyer, Ruben and Lullaby, 2009

Jöerg Piringer, abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz, 2009

Teri Rueb, Core Sample, 2007

Evan Young, The Carrier, 2009

Future Writers—Electronic Literature by Undergraduates from U.S. Universities—Mobile Works