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Finding methods for highlighting the affordances of born-digital literature in a gallery, museum, or library setting

Curating Exhibits of Electronic Literature

Since 2005 we have been experimenting with ways to showcase works of born-digital literature in gallery, museum, and library settings. To date, we have mounted over 30 exhibits for venues such as the British Computer Society, the Library of Congress, the Paul Walkins Gallery at Winona State University, and the Univeristy of Victoria Library; for organizations including ACM Hypertext, the International Symposium on Electronic Art, Modern Language Association, and the Electronic Literature Organization; and events like the Digital Humanities Summer Institute.


Making exhibits participatory, interactive, and experiential for visitors and providing an enduring archive of the experience

Digital Tools

Legacy computers
Web tools

Exhibit Examples

Focusing on the Feminine: Women, Literature, and Games
Electronic Literature & Its Emerging Forms
ACM Hypertext 1999