Be a hero.warrior.gamer.defender.

Command beasts. Conquer civilizations. Become a hero.

Fight for loot. Fight for life. Fight for glory.

Defend your lands. Break the siege.

Experience Virtual Reality, Real-Time Strategy, War.

You are the hero. You are charged with defending your lands, conquering others by leading armies, commanding beasts, and gathering loot as you are thrown into the midsts of war with real-time strategy, virtual reality gameplay. The CMDC Senior Seminar team collaborated with the game company Emortal Sports, Inc. to build the game flow, create game assets, develop the game's web and social media presence, and document the experience of Beasts and Heroes, the real-time strategy, virtual reality game!


Project Managers

Photo of all Project 497 Project Managers
Project Managers
Spring 2017
Photo of AJ Schock
AJ Schock
Lead Project Manager

Engines & Assets

Photo of all Project 497 Engines & Assets Team Members
Engines & Assets Team
Spring 2017
Photo of Christopher Pien
Christopher Pien
Engines & Assets Project Manager
Photo of Josh Davenport
Josh Davenport
3D Artist
Photo of Eli Campbell
Eli Campbell
3D Environment Creation
Photo of Paul Meiners
Paul Meiners
3D Modeling & Animation
Photo of Ryan Thornton
Ryan Thornton
Unity Game Developer
Photo of Jeremy Testerman
Jeremy Testerman
3D Modeling & Animation
Photo of Bryan Zacharias
Bryan Zacharias
3D Design & Modeling
Photo of Travis Lane
Travis Lane
3D Modeling

Web Development

Photo of all Project 497 Web Development Team Members
Web Development Team
Spring 2017
Photo of Tyler Hickey
Tyler Hickey
Web Development Project Manager
Photo of Michelle Alvarez
Michelle Alvarez
Full Stack Developer
Photo of Justine Hanrahan
Justine Hanrahan
Front-End Developer
Photo of Kate Palermini
Kate Palermini
AR Specialist


Photo of all Project 497 Design Team Members
Design Team
Spring 2017
Photo of Aaron Birch
Aaron Birch
Design Project Manager
Photo of Anna Hixon
Anna Hixon
Lead Designer
Photo of Haley Mitcham
Haley Mitcham
Photo of Joan Holt
Joan Holt
Concept Artist

Social Media Marketing

Photo of Amy Roberts
Amy Roberts
Social Media Marketing Project Manager
Photo of Marina Gephart
Marina Gephart
Promotions & Analysis
Photo of John Combs
John Combs
Social Media Promotions
Photo of Brian Hallberg
Brian Hallberg
Asset Manager
Photo of Christina Lopatin
Christina Lopatin
Promotions & Analysis

Content Development

Photo of John Lawrentz
John Lawrentz
Content Development Project Manager
Photo of Madeleine Brookman
Madeleine Brookman
Video Producer and Editor
Photo of Thomas Billison
Thomas Billison
Video Developer
Photo of Payton Standfill
Payton Standfill
Audio Expert


Photo of Dr. Dene Grigar
Dr. Dene Grigar
Program Director
Photo of Connor Goglin
Connor Goglin
Virtual Reality Coordinator
Photo of Greg Philbrook
Greg Philbrook
Program Technical Support
Photo of CMDC logo representing Jonathan Wambach
Jonathan Wambach
Coding Support


Emortal Sports Logo
Emortal Sports
Client Company
Photo of David Ortiz, Founder of Emortal Sports
David Ortiz
Emortal Founder, Client
Photo of Kenny Lammers, Person at Emortal Sports
Kenny Lammers
Technical Director
Photo of Ben Cammarano, Creative Director at Wizards of the Coast
Ben Cammarano
Expert Advisor
Photo of John's friend, who provided drum tracks for our development
Tolo Tuitele
Audio Contributor