"...completing the S–CAT at our company has illuminated specific

areas for improvement through the use of objective analytics."

- Dimeo Construction Company

Corporate Safety Director

"The S-CAT offers contractors regardless of size, the opportunity to

find out - at no cost - what employees at all levels think of the

company's of the company's safety climate and culture..."

- American Contractors Insurance Group

Sr. Safety Consultant

"Having the ability to assess the safety climate of our jobsites

using the S-CAT was critical for letting us know how and

where to best use resources for continual improvement."

- Safway Services


"We have used the S-CAT model for

our construction insurance

captive with great success."

- Willis Insurance

VP of Construction

Safety Climate Assessment Tool (S-CAT)

The Safety Climate Assessment Tool (S-CAT) is a free tool available to any construction contractor or safety and health professional who wants tailored and actionable information to improve the safety of every worker at every job-site. The S-CAT allows a company to obtain information regarding employee safety perceptions. These safety perceptions provide a snapshot view of the company’s jobsite safety climate.  A strong jobsite safety climate has a positive impact on a company’s overall safety culture, just as a strong safety culture positively affects jobsite safety climate.

Feedback is provided on 8 leading indicators of safety climate that have been shown to be predictive of employee injury rates. With just a few clicks, company employees or an individual can answer questions about each indicator and then receive a personalized feedback report with benchmarking and comparative information indicating their current areas of success and ideas for making improvements. Companies can have their employees take the S-CAT periodically to track their progress at improving their jobsite safety climate.

What is Jobsite
Safety Climate?

The safety climate on a construction worksite refers to managements’ and workers’ shared perceptions about the extent to which safety is rewarded, expected, valued and reinforced.

What is the

The S-CAT is a new tool construction companies can use to self-assess their safety climate across eight research-based leading indicators. Results can pinpoint areas of success and areas for future improvement.

Improve Jobsite
Safety Climate

After completing the S-CAT and receiving your safety climate report, you may need ideas and tips for moving along the path to achieving an exemplary safety climate. 

Take the S-CAT today and get started on improving your safety climate!