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Capture the Moment

Capture the Moment is a special collection opened by CCHM to document the story of the COVID-19 pandemic. The community is invited to share with us your story of life in Clark County related to this time. Send us your thoughts, journals, images, recordings…any item that provides a look at the life of Clark County residents during this time.


To donate, please submit our online Deed of Gift and include a copy with your item.


Electronic donation may be sent through the form. Donations of physical items can be sent to CCHM via regular mail

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General Collection

Interested in donating artifacts, photographs, and documents important to telling the story of Clark County or Vancouver’s past? Please email a photograph and description of the item(s) or call 360.993.5679 to request an appointment to review your potential donation.


We are unable to take unsolicited donations without an appointment!

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Know a community member that has an interesting or significant story to tell? We’d love to talk to them! History is about the everyday choices each of us makes. But these stories are often lost in time. The Interviews Collection is about capturing them before they are gone.