The Clark County Historical Society and Museum is committed to responsible collections stewardship, innovative collaboration and inspiring exhibitions and programs that engage the community in an exploration of Clark County’s past, present and future.

Keepers of History

For 56 years the Clark County Historical Museum has been encouraging an understanding of how local history shapes the character of Clark County and strengthens our sense of place. CCHM has collected and preserved XXX items of local historical significance during this time. We use these treasures to inform people about the region’s heritage and its importance in their daily lives. Our purpose is to share an understanding of the past that will help to build a better future for generations to come.

But our work is about more than a collection of items from our distant past. We believe history is something that happens every day. Beyond the expected museum exhibits, you’ll find an ever growing list of events, workshops, tours, activities, and more designed around the belief that history is something that influences the world around us today.

Our intention is that together we can Gather. Save. Share. the story of our community.

Clark County Historical Museum sign near bushes outside brick museum building


To provide opportunities for meaningful engagement with history that lead to a more educated and connected community.


Commitment and Responsibility:  Adhere to legal, ethical and fiscal standards; accountability; institutional stability

Stewardship:  Provide responsible and thoughtful long-term care for the collections and the community memory

Diversity:  Celebrate the richness inherent in differences

Collaboration:  Cultivate partnerships with community organizations

Innovation and Courage:  Incorporate new ideas and methods; challenge boundaries while respecting traditions

Accessibility:  Explore new technologies and techniques to improve the visitor experience

Service: Benefit the public and our stakeholders

Rows of people sitting on the steps outside the front entrance of the Clark County Historical Museum