Devonian Botanical Garden App



The mobile phone application prototype for the Contemporary Islamic Garden at Edmonton’s Devonian Botanic Garden will be used to show how apps can enhance the garden experience for visitors utilizing some of the affordances of modern mobile phone technology via four different moods. Depending on visitors’ choice of mood (PLAY, LEARN, REFLECT, QUESTION), they will be given content and information (i.e. interpretation) on the topics of BOTANY & ENVIRONMENT, ART & DESIGN, MUSIC & POETRY, as well as INTERCULTURAL UNDERSTANDING. The main cornerstone of this project is to create a model for how to educate visitors about Islamic gardens and plants, as well as open a forum for discussion and debate for the understanding of Islamic and Western cultures.



Users will be met with a screen prompting them to choose which of the four modules they wish to begin. These four modules will be arranged in a fashion that draws from the arrangement of the four-part central garden. After choosing a module, a list of features within that module will appear.

The walkthrough tour of the gardens will be utilized using geo-locative technology, to pinpoint users locations within the gardens. Upon arriving at a given area, the individual will be prompted with a subtle notification informing them information is now available pertaining to which tour they chose to participate in.



During the first phase of development process, we have designed and created a navigational wireframe, basic content, and began finalization of the geo-locative feature to fire accurately on specific locations or given areas.

After this phase is completed, another team will take up the responsibility of further development and implementation of the phone application, through Unity, PhoneGap or native coding.




The Team