Drive Safe | Stay Awake

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How it works

Device connects to steering column

Our patented device physically connects to any car’s steering column. Bye bye “eye sensing” apps and lane-sensing cameras.

App reads data from device

We’ve done extensive drowsy driving research and discovered sleepy drivers exhibit specific steering patterns prior to falling asleep at the wheel.

Alert when you're starting to get sleepy

We’ve broken the data down into a three stage alert system to warn drivers before they become a danger to themselves or others.


Did we mention it's


drowZdrive is the only technology on the market able to detect drowsy driving before it happens.

It's all in the hands

drowZdrive monitors the driver’s steering wheel position as they drive and looks for patterns leading to drowsy driving.

Getting sleepy

The app alerts the driver at the first signs of drowsy driving and prompts them to pull over and get some rest. If the driver continues to drive while drowsy, the alerts become progressively intense.

Safety first

Our primary concern is for the safety of the driver and other drivers on the road. drowZdrive proactively prevents drowsy driving thereby improving the safety of drivers everywhere

Things to consider...

Be safe! Don’t use drowZdrive to keep you awake when you’re already sleepy.

Just pull over. It’s not worth risking yours or someone else’s life.




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