Avoid the Résumé Black Hole


No response after submitting a resume? Be assured that you are absolutely not alone. Up to 75% of resumes are REJECTED without being read!

At JobWordz we call this the “resume black hole”. Although there may be several reasons for this happening, the most prevalent is attributed to a computer program called an Applicant Tracking System.  Commonly referred to as an ATS, the system rates resumes depending on open job orders and assigns them a score within seconds of their submission.  If your resume doesn’t score high enough for the ATS, and most don’t, it is rejected without ever being seen by a human recruiter.

On the flip side, employers are barraged with candidates responding to online job postings. Without an ATS, recruiters are tasked with reading, sorting, and scoring each resume manually. This takes time.  With the help of an ATS, hundreds of resumes are analyzed and sorted instantly, thus saving time. However, qualified candidates are overlooked in this process due to missing or unnecessary items in the resume.

So let’s break it down.  ATS scoring involves a number of factors.  Resumes are analyzed and scored according to keywords and phrases relative to the job description. Relevant experience, education requirements, skills, and keywords are the biggies, but just a few of the scoring criteria.  But most people forget, or don’t know, that formatting is equally as important and often overlooked. Formatted resumes confuse an ATS and result in rejection of that candidate sending them to the resume black hole. Never to be heard from again.

JobWordz analyzes your resume to suggest what keywords and formatting can be improved to help you get that job interview.

An interview may lead to a job. You want the interview!

Use JobWordz BEFORE you press the SUBMIT button.

The black hole image seen here was found in an article written by Matt Tarpey for CareerBuilder, LLC. Original publish date: 07.20.2015