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Hey there! Thanks for visiting! JobWordz is currently a work-in-progress so things aren’t 100% function yet. However, feel free to explore the site and get a feel of how it will function once complete! Happy exploring!

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JobWordz uses a proprietary algorithm. It analyzes and compares your resume with the job description.


View your score. The JobWordz Success Index is displayed on the page and forwarded to your email.


About JobWordz

JobWordz was created when there was little or no response to resumes submitted through online employer applications. Time is precious and tweaking resumes then submitting them online is time consuming.  Research revealed a step missing in the process between a job seeker completing a resume and submitting it online. This led to frustration, and then, to invention. JobWordz. Resumes are much more than matching keywords from the job description.  JobWordz is the tool that compares a resume to the job description AND checks for resume formatting issues as well.  Stop spending your precious time wondering how your resume measures up. Know instantly with JobWordz!

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