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Kaegi Virtual Pharmacy is an exhibit that brings alive the experience of the Kaegi Pharmacy circa 1910 using virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies. It is created for the Museum of the Oregon Territory (MOOT) by students of the Creative Media & Digital Culture (CMDC) program at Washington State University Vancouver (WSUV). Along with the VR/AR environment, the project also includes a website that provides visitors with detailed information about the exhibit, assistance with optimizing the museum’s website for findability, Promotions for the exhibit’s launch, and logos for Kaegi Brothers Pharmacy and the museum.


How best to showcase the hundreds of remedies and medicine on display at Kaegi Pharmacy and help visitors understand the role of a pharmacy in 1910? That was the problem students in the Creative Media & Digital Culture Program at Washington State University Vancouver were asked to solve––and they did so by using virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR). Now, visitors can don the museum's VR headset and take on the persona of a pharmacist, engaging in three common activities that any pharmacist would have done in the early 1900s. With the museum's iPads, visitors learn about 13 items on display. At the core of what the students sought to achieve is exploring digital technologies for creating the 21st museum experience.


During the production of the VR/AR installation, students produced over 50 3D models. These were produced with Maya and textured with Substance Painter. The finished models were moved into UnReal Engine for the VR environment and used with Aurasma for the AR experience.


Oculus Rift

Virtual Environment

Mortar & Pestle

Kaegi Pharmacy Exhibit

Large Display

Kaegi Pharmacy Exhibit

Designed Bell

Virtual Environment

Elixir Bottle

Virtual Environment

Pill Sorter

Kaegi Pharmacy Exhibit

Small Bottle Display

Kaegi Pharmacy Exhibit

Pharmacy Ledger

Kaegi Pharmacy Exhibit

Case Display

Kaegi Pharmacy Exhibit

Historical Camera

Virtual Environment

Fire Grenade

Virtual Environment

Show Globe

Kaegi Pharmacy Exhibit

Our Team

Photograph of Natalie Hendren

Natalie Hendren

Design Team Manager
Photograph of Nic Stevens

Nic Stevens

Lead Designer
Photograph of Ashley Young

Ashley Young

Photograph of Shane Staub

Shane Staub

Multimedia Designer
Photograph of Tanner Clark

Tanner Clark

Immersive Designer
Photograph of Trentina Porter

Trentina Porter

Development Team Manager
Photograph of Ellen Hohlbein

Ellen Hohlbein

Lead Coder
Photograph of Nicolaos Skimas

Nicolaos Skimas

Web Developer
Photograph of Josh Gellinger

Josh Gellinger

Web Developer
Photograph of Kyle McGee

Kyle McGee

UI/UX Specialist
Photograph of Lindsey Parker

Lindsey Parker

Web Designer
Photograph of Haley Zach

Haley Zach

Immersion Team Manager
Photograph of JJ Johnson

Jonathan Johnson

3D Modeler
Photograph of Michael Bird

Michael Bird

2D & 3D Animator
Photograph of Trae Herndon

George Herndon

Sound Producer
Photograph of Travis Lane

Travis Lane

3D Modeler
Photograph of Erin Cross

Erin Cross

Promotions Team Manager
Photograph of Dan Ellertson

Dan Ellertson

Social Media Consultant
Photograph of Serena Devera-Taualo

Serena Devera-Taualo

Social Media Consultant
Photograph of Tyler Berglund

Tyler Berglund

Social Media Consultant & SEO

The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program

Headshot of Dene Grigar

Dene Grigar

Program Director
Headshot of Brandon Huber

Brandon Huber

Project Manager
Headshot of Connor Goglin

Connor Goglin

AR/VR Coordinator