A group photo of the PFCC reimagining team.

Parks for Clark - A Digital Reimagining

A screenshot of the finished PFCC site redesign.

The Parks Foundation of Clark County: A Digital Reimagining is a project created by the Spring 2020 graduating seniors of WSU Vancouver.

This project covers all avenues of digital technology by reimagining and rebranding the website and social content to support the mission and values of the Parks Foundation. Each team collaborated to create videos, graphics, copy, and various creative detailing through unique skill sets that benefit the Clark County community.

Explore each of the teams below to see how they contributed to the Digital Reimagining of the Park Foundation of Clark County.

Executive Team

A photo of Dene Grigar.
Dene Grigar, Executive Team Lead - Portfolio
A photo of Ann Radcliffe.
Ann Radcliffe - Portfolio
A photo of Greg Philbrook.
Greg Philbrook

The Executive Team oversaw the redesign of the PFCC website and the creation of the content that went into it. Dene Grigar was in charge of all final decisions on the project, Ann Radcliffe managed the teams, schedules, and was the liaison with the clients, and Greg Philbrook provided tech support.

Content Team

A photo of Bryan Kipp.
Bryan Kipp, Content Team Lead - Portfolio
A photo of Moneca Roath.
Moneca Roath - Portfolio
A photo of Anthony Greenwood.
Anthony Greenwood - Portfolio
A photo of Will Mcleod.
Will Mcleod - Portfolio
A photo of Lucas Pauly.
Lucas Pauly - Portfolio
A photo of Joel Cummings.
Joel Cummings - Portfolio

The Content Team developed three videos that focused on the Parks Foundation's mission, donations, and promotions for the parks through social media and visual imagery. Two short animations of the newly designed Parks Foundation of Clark County logo were also made for use in videos and promotions. These short animations show off the new logo in an engaging and memorable way.

Additionally, our team designed and illustrated an interactive map of the Clark County area, featuring numerous beneficial grants that the Parks Foundation of Clark County was involved in. The imagery of the map emulates the feel of the Pacific Northwest featuring imagery ranging from key landmarks like Mount St. Helens and animated characters like the elusive Bigfoot.

Design Team

A photo of Courtney Packard.
Courtney Packard, Design Team Lead - Portfolio
A photo of Thomas Bobay.
Thomas Bobay - Portfolio
A photo of Alisha Papenfuse.
Alisha Papenfuse - Portfolio
A photo of Alex Ortiz.
Alex Ortiz - Portfolio

The Design Team was responsible for creating the overall visual theme for the new Parks Foundation of Clark County website and brand identity. We began this process by creating a mood board depicting bright colors and engaging scenery that included people, animals, and a typical Pacific Northwest feel. In conjunction with the mood board we created a color palette that would help enhance and maintain the intended emotion of the website. Our vision was to design a digital environment that would evoke senses of excitement, playfulness, and sophisticated whimsy.

Furthermore, our team developed a logo suite designed for multiple uses across a variety of marketing platforms including digital media as well as print media. Each logo variation maintains brand integrity while allowing for creative use.

The Design Team was paramount in helping the other teams maintain the new Parks Foundation of Clark County brand identity across all aspects of this project. We monitored color usage, font use, image type, logo use, and iconography. Our team also created a style guide detailing the proper application of each design element.

Promotions Team

A photo of Shana Penta.
Shana Penta, Promotions Team Lead - Portfolio
A photo of Joe Redman.
Joe Redman - Portfolio
A photo of Dakota Beard.
Dakota Beard - Portfolio
A photo of Jasmine Lucenford.
Jasmine Lucenford - Portfolio

The Promotions Team focused on developing a marketing plan to grow the Parks Foundation of Clark County's audience on all social channels. The team conducted an analysis of SEO and keywords and generated metadata to increase site traffic. Elements for the promotions calendar created included: a detailed Newsletter with content and templates, over 500+ ready-made posts, complete with links, imagery, and hashtags.

With a library of suggested images, brand-relevant copy, and effective hashtags for marketing efforts, the Promotions Team helped the Park Foundation of Clark County re-design their social presence, streamlining their online voice to best reflect the client's values and mission.

Dynamic media assets were created and are ready for use on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These are all coordinated through Hootsuite for a streamlined application. By working closely alongside the executive director at the Parks Foundation, a strong and relevant brand identity has been established, helping to refresh and rejuvenate the social efforts for the Park Foundation of Clark County.

Web Team

A photo of Amani Almazidi.
Amani Almazidi, Web Development Team Lead - Portfolio
A photo of Henry Sissac.
Henry Sissac - Portfolio
A photo of Eli Culbertson.
Eli Culbertson - Portfolio

The Web Development Team was tasked with designing a website for the Parks Foundation, utilizing the popular web builder WordPress. The team decided on building the new site off of a pre existing template, “Goodwish”, and modifying it to fit the needs of the client.

The goal was to increase the foundation’s online presence to retain a larger user base, streamline donation processes and bring to attention the numerous opportunities to get involved in their local parks. To help accomplish this, we incorporated a number of plugins that are used in the most successful online ventures. These include better SEO Optimization through YOAST, newsletter distribution through MailChimp, and responsive location services with WPGoogleMaps.

In order to further distinguish the Parks Foundation’s website from similar organizations, the web development team took part in the development and execution of an interactive map that showcases a number of pivotal projects around Clark County that the foundation has funded.