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The Leading Eagle Award

The LEADING EAGLE Award recognizes community leaders who have led initiatives that have significantly influenced the life, health, and direction of our parks, trails, and recreation programs.

Tom Griffith – 2020 Recipient

For the past four years, Tom Griffith has been a crew leader for the Washington Trails Association.  He has spent over 800 days leading trail work and restoration with volunteers in Washington State. Many Thursday mornings, Tom can be found loading up tools, waiting to meet up with and lead upwards of 25 volunteers as they spend a day working on a variety of trails in Southwest Washington. Not only is Tom working to improve and enhance our public trails, he has become a positive influence to the volunteers that come to spend their time on our amazing trail system.  Additionally, he donates even more of his skills and time by driving around Clark County to scout out routes for new trails, new pathways for old trails, and determines maintenance needs for existing trails.

Tom is focused on being proactive and maintaining the safety of our volunteers. For example, he takes the time to email volunteers prior to each work party with the information necessary to have a productive and safe day on the trails.  He lets each volunteer know what the appropriate attire is for the day, food and water needs, meeting places and what weather to expect. And, he follows up the event with an additional email thanking them for their volunteer time and effort.

Finally, whether he is a work party leader or just a regular volunteer, Tom is always dedicated to any project he is a part of.  “Tom has a way of improving the volunteer experience, raising spirits and boosting morale” says Kathy McLean. It is through his hard work, communication, and positivity, that he has impacted hundreds of volunteers and dozens of trails in Clark County and beyond.

Past Leading Eagle Award recipients

2019 — Jerry Acheson
2018 — Del Schleichert
2017 — Glenn Lamb
2016 — John and Debra Bauman
2015 — Cheri Martin
2014 — Lloyd Halverson & Kelly Puteney
2013 — Bill Dygert & George Simpson
2012 — Don Cannard
2011 — Ron Onslow