“There is no true freedom without time freedom. And there is no time freedom without financial freedom.”
-Amah Lambert

Scarecrow Trading is a provider of Active Money Management services. We specialize in timing the Nasdaq 100 index. Our signals are used by both Individuals and Registered Investment Advisors. Individual Investors utilize our services via our advisor partners by applying the signals against Separately Managed Accounts.

Our partners agree to trade the individual accounts in the same manner as the tracking accounts used to calculate the performance portrayed here. The chart below show the performance of the Crow Chaser system compared to a buy and hold strategy represented by the performance of the S&P500 (black line). It is showing the growth of a $1 investment.

Crow Chaser grows $1 to $6.80
Buy and Hold grows $1 to $1.69

Theta Research derives it data directly from a tracking account traded at Guggenheim Investments. They have tracked Crow Chaser performance beginning July 2005. The performance tracked is net a 2.5% management fee.

Crow Chaser, S&P 500