Get out.
Get a bigger screen.



The Beast bears its own burden. Self-knowledge unweighs mortality.
LOCATION: Air; Far N. The Dome
The sacrificed and the saved see each other in the mirror.
So much depends on which end of the neuron- you're on.
To watch oneself eating a plum from a great distance and still taste the tartness and the sweetness.
1) Recognize a face on a passing train. 2) Forget it. 3) Repeat.
LOCATION: Air; Far W. The Dome
You are what they see.
The Lady or The Tiger? Either choice is yours.
Self and Non-Self entwine. Self is redefined.
you reflect all things at every moment at every moment all things reflect you
LOCATION: Air; Far E. The Dome
Self as Creator, pre-existing product.
LOCATION: Fire; Far N. The Dome
Remembering your name before you knew what names were.
"Temples' Glow": the bird, the fish, the man all know.
Identity endures.
The geometry that waits to learn its own name.
LOCATION: Water; Far N. The Dome
Self- advertising commerce of consciousness.
Priest and product, resolving Art and Appetite.
Form= Function= Identity. vendo, ergo sum.
The universe bears your fingerprints.
LOCATION: Air; Far S. The Dome
Consciousness made flesh.
Pattern into motion into being.
The pure consciousness of the newsprint dot.
Space/Time relative product potential.
LOCATION: Fire; Far W. The Dome
Candidate as Product. Tastes change. What remains?
Primal product at rest.
LOCATION: Fire; Hub.
Rendez-vous with a convex mirror.
Destroy all evidence of the womb. Then exit from a doorless room.
LOCATION: Fire; Far E. The Dome



Synapse of Being. PLEASE STAND BY.
LOCATION: Water; Far W. The Dome
Gifted with transcendence. Bound by singularity.
Synthesis. Things are what they seam. Join the fabric of reality and dream. Between Nothing and Nothing is Lifework.
LOCATION: Water; Hub.
Joy of oneness or horror of captivity?
Mother of sublime annihilation.
LOCATION: Water; Far E. The Dome
P = T - R Pornography= Technology- Relativity.
Arbitrary acceptance. The fault line between the states of creativity and productivity.
Anticipatory censorship.
Another place, another Time. (One-way of looking at things.)
LOCATION: Earth; Far N. The Dome
Multi-existent fourth- dimensional action.
Synthesis. The dual awareness of the part and of the whole.
Time's orphan. The lost testimony of the unutterable.
The meaningless immortality of the plastic cup.
LOCATION: Fire; Far S. The Dome
Knowledge persists, escapes Gravity's dull memory.
Escape from Gravity in coveting the sky; turning ever inward. Build the tower high.
Vehicle of transcendence. The hermetic quicksilver that outruns Gravity.
The objective. The whole picture. Restoration. Unification.
LOCATION: Water; Far S. The Dome
Mother of question marks Father of terror LOCATION: Earth; Far W. The Dome
Without intention Gravity draws knowledge from the sky.
An invitation to dance.
LOCATION: Earth; Hub.
The prisoner who does not see the walls, escapes.
The Earth absorbs Gravity's small victories.
LOCATION: Earth; Far E. The Dome
Knowledge... Chains... Pearls. (an existential joke)
The Second Law
Though discriminatory, Gravity has no sense of humor.
Gravity suicide. Murder of Time.
LOCATION: Earth; Far S. The Dome
If you can't be a good example...
There is no such thing as a selfless act; we are always serving ourselves. P.S. It's a cookbook.
It's not the limb that's missing, it's the mind.
A momentary taste of Being.
She will become the one who will have changed the world.
The loss of privacy is the loss of freedom.
You can't control everything.
E duobus unum.
Till Birnam wood remove to Dunsinane.
If your ideas are any good, you'll have to fight for them.
An id without an ego is like an engine without a brake.
This too shall pass.
The light that burns twice as bright.
If you want to build something big, start with small blocks.
Every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.
A chef is only as good as their last dish.
If you snooze, you lose.
The last will be first.
The great chain of being is forged one link at a time.
To change, we must first move.
The unsung heroes of the ocean.
Technology is the answer to everything...except for the question.
The people have spoken.
There's nothing a chocolate chip cookie can't fix.
Sudden death is the best death.
Mind is burning.
Down to a sunless sea.
Ex nihilism nihil fit.
Every beginning has an end.
A fool's errand.
The fittest survive by preying on the weak.
Nothing ever ends.
Illusions are often more interesting than reality.
Making resolutions is like bailing out the Titanic with a thimble.
Control. Alternate. Delete.
The number of your haploid heart.
No one thinks twice about the things they don't think about.
Smiling angels of the sea.
Evolution's cautionary tale, shrinkwrapped in the poultry aisle.
Tea in the Sahara is best enjoyed with a side of sand.
The pen is mightier than the sword.
We are all islands unto ourselves at high tide.
Go ask Utnapishtim.
The seventh seal.
Existence is a riddle wrapped in a mystery and rolled in streaky bacon.
The ecstatic experience is the moment when the impossible becomes possible.
If you would fly, you must let go of that which is weighing you down.
Knights and knaves both lie in the labyrinth.
A shallow grave. Sweet and proper.
Where angels fear to tread.
A suboptimal chisel. ~MLK
Disaster is the mother of invention.
The curvature of spacetime is what keeps us from falling off the edge of the universe.
gravity earth Lying in your stall staring at your hoof for months
so much defends us from a dread Wheel of sorrow crazed with pain,slaughter inside the white chalice
Making Nothing happen
Follow the Clear Light
They flayed the flesh from her bones with the shells of abalones.
What you like is in the Ain Soph. Daath. Groupies minus Zero. Shekhina. Malkuth!
"Talk about the Virgin and the Dynamo," sez Bryant, "She's both."
Helix the TAT that ponderous thunderous TAT you'll drink so much your head will ache your liver will turn to fat pondering helix that infamous TAT
I see the Tree and the tree sees Me -Bishop Berkeley
Archimedes Hypatia Tesla Webern Death's second selves
I have been dead and I have been alive. Nine months was I in the womb of the Witch Ceridwen.
Singing in the grain
The thigh heater and its double
My life in the gush of boasts
Oooh, Ooh, ooh. Corporate fucks they're so empirical they're nearly spherical
They broke up the Nothing and put it in the Empty
Ay-ah-sem eh-purt-neh. Raw si revo (fi ooyh tnaw tea)
"That we, falling headlong out of nowhere, into nowhere, managed to look around for a few brief breathings in and out, and touch one another."
Bring us the times whose times these times evoke
The weight of the web of the world on their flagella: True Atlas
Any insufficiently advanced technology is indistinguish- able from religion
Where the Apple is finally truly apple colored
The only chips we still make in America
Every gift but the length of tears
There would be Words for It
Something that the one-eyed merchant carris on his back. Right, T.S.?
A flickering comes across a sky the color of a dead channel
fire by suicide
The Captain
To see what is on the end of every fork
Creator Preserver Destroyer Virgin Mother Crone Clotho Lachesis Atropos
Only the hand that arouses can write the true thing
by any means necessary
Untimely ripp'd from the forever into the Now
Tock (Milo's familiar, scanning the digital horizon) sez "Tick."
I ate something that disagreed with me
We can be Heroes
California is the page of things resurgent. Something not yet conquered crept up from its maw. From the days of reptile fear comes a plan to become Clear…
Champagne and cards with the Martians
Who Be Do Ra? Who Who wrote the Book of Thoth?
idiot (one who will not be governed) like: Howard who loved "Ice Station Zebra" real special makes ya wonder…
Soma divine ambrosia of the gods just a hot slurp of urine away
Don't look unless you really want to see
Q.What rolls on three wheels in the morning, two wheels in the afternoon, and four wheels at night? A. You
Apparitions intrusions of a higher dimension Afflictions Confusions Müller-Lyer extensions Additions extrusions hobbled by a free rent zone
The old masters had it right. They usually fucking do, the silly old farts. Unfortunately, we forget, because as Freud correctly points out, death is the true neurosis.
Jim, where are you taking us?
Savage and long the battle the waves red the beaks of warrior ravens ripe the host of Maelgwyn asleep with light in their eyes -Gwaith Gwynedd
Up all night cranking text ins Landsberg am Lech Fortress Prison eine Abrechnung with the tools that started all the trouble back in Uruk
Get your filthy hands off my dessert
Till inhuman vices whack us and we drown
mirror of the soul
It was a long cold day in the White Subway I was watchin the stations pass White Subway, Emily
I been seein' vases and faces at the same times and places for so long now that it don't seem strange at all… (Falling) Fallin, Killing Time
The man becomes the boy,the boy the toy,the toy bright rage and joy just at that crack of neck the other's battled breath at last expelled Slowly Light II Killing Time
One last fast gaze into the heat haze Desert Song Killing Time
I seen her at the Crucifixion shooting from the foot of the Hill And I picked up her tracks when they found the artifacts that she buried in Hadley's Rille Time Machine#5 Emily
It's just another ending to another show Walkin Alone Emily
I change my thoughts to the way you think watch what you watch live where you live the Void beyond that icy waste Cape Fear Emily
Shining, twining pairs of base unseen creatrix of the flesh seen hidden face behind the face (var, YMMW) You Make Me Whole Killing Time
Off in the trees I wait to see the Civil Guard lead you back to your car Newry Retribution
And a song crept by me on the water and I thought I heard the voice of my father Cuchulain Retribution
Eat Flaming Death, you fascist bastards Eat Flaming Death (you fascist bastards) Reptile Fear
The prophets called me Merlin but some day all kings shall call me Taliesin DNA Retribution
Just the other day just the Other day just the other Day Desert Song Killing Time
Down the the dusty ruined backstreets the lonely broken idols the crying priestess buried in your mind Equals (Now and Forever the Same) Emily
I got really drunk last night in, I suppose, my classic style Supposed to be a Love Song Retribution
Doesn't matter anyway Already cashed my check from the NEA and I'm chugging back cheap Tokay at the reception Entartete Kunst (unrecorded)
When the sun goes down when the sun goes down on the city when the sun goes down I can believe in the Mystery Druid Chant Killing Time
Stripped of everything Unpolluted and clean we wait with the Others in the village green Entropy Messiah The Aliens
From the corona of the sun to the sea where life's begun now feel the boundless web of nature stretch through space Hymn Retribution
The eye can picture fences where of fences there are none and the mind erect defenses which are denser than the sun All our Yesterdays Retribution
the poses of some vision culled by myth and matix from disorderd time Slowly Light Emily
Even in liquid nitrogen this flesh don't keep Merry Xmas, Mr. Lawrence Retribution
I lie here paralyzed and think about young John F. Kennedy San Ysidro Retribution
Four days without sleep nothing to eat cramped muscles and a knot in my guts I think I went berserk but it must have worked cuz I can't remember what I forgot Dead, rep Fear
Well your friend in Congress she can't help you now and you don't have to worry about the closing Dow Chonyid Bardo
Won't you carry me down to that muddy old river the time has come to set me free
Mutants, strapped into your seats, praying for something to eat, something to do, something to watch, oooh, some kind of treat so you can pretend you're human.
Feel the spirits gathered on the desert floor To watch the breaking of Nature's Law hear the roar
Bring us war bring us peace bring control bring us release bring the thunderbolts that chase away the night -Hymn, unpub.
It's a corporate culture and we're cultureal creatures I'm just tryin to turn all these bugs into features
Well I went to ask the policeman she look just like Emily I sez what about mantra yoga and quantum indeterminacy.
Finnegan Woke decided it was all a big joke seemed like everyone he spoke to was a dancin delirium tremor
Who did you see when you saw what you saw that last moment in your sights
And I lie and wait and wonder will the magic come to pass? Broken Wheels and rolling thunder turn the key and hit the gas
And I lie and wait and wonder will the magic come to pass? Broken Wheels and rolling thunder turn the key and hit the gas
With our myths of the monolith it's the Dark Side of the Moon that we always seem to end up with
Rising out of the night in the chopper light your ancient silver Mercury
Why does everything have to die? Because everything has to die. Why does time only move one way? Because time only moves one way.
Someday I will get back to that Sheltering Sky…
You can say-a-a what you wanna say Be-be-be what you wanna be See-see-see what you wanna see De-de-decide what the truth will be
All my friends are numbers now
Earth man sky man space man medicine man mushroom man take my hand guide me into the light Mushroom Man, unrecorded
We seek to reproduce this is the final truth feel the unity lock the reaches of your mind this is what you came to find DNA, Magic Warfare
Me and the clock was having a talk
Talk around town's you bought the trademark on grace You're sole spokesperson for the ozone layer, you're the Queen of Outer Space TAT, Retrib
Well you're born and you die you struggle with your Troubles and you wonder why Live the word or live the lie but you'll never control the sky
You sit and watch the sun set and you know that there is yet one more stretch of road you're waiting for
Well, well, it's a tortuous tale and I tell you that it ends in blood But as long as I stand I take my commands from the hands of Captain Ludd
brought mindless by stepwise progression to the outskirts of the City of Text Walkin on Water (unrecorded)
Well you know the score. We caused the wars the Plagues and the Crusades and we've lured the whores from the planet's shores to the City by the Palisades
It's a cold life It's a cold life It's a cold life It's a cold way to go
Looking at a picture of you travelling through time back through the spaces in my life line

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