Our Team

Westby Associates, Inc. is a small fund development firm of seven professionals who have generated in excess of $200,000,000 for non-profit organizations and public service agencies throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Over the past 15 years we have grown organically by recruiting professionals with deep experience in the region.  Our offices are located on Fort Vancouver’s historic Officers Row.

Mike Westby, CEO President

Mike Westby, CEO, President

Patti Westby, VP Project Manager

Patti Westby, VP, Project Manager

Michael Wilson Senior Associate

Michael Wilson, Senior Associate

Lisa Capeloto, Associate,
Special Event Management

Ingrid Dankmeyer, Associate Grants Management

Ingrid Dankmeyer, Associate,
Grants Management

Megan Dixon, Associate

Megan Dixon, Associate

Kelsey Castrey, Special Project Coordinator

Kelsey Castrey,
Special Project Coordinator

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