If you’re anything like me than the thought of change is something that makes you scared or unnerved. The fact is, nothing stays the same. Our media is constantly changing and evolving into something new. Not too long ago we documented our history on cave walls and made loud grunts for communication. With the surge of culture and technology our whole way of life has changed. Before we started to document our history thousands of years was lost forever in time. This capstone project is focusing on the way things have changed, whether it’s being ‘lost’ or outdated technology. The three things we’re going to focus on is Agrippa: the book of the dead, Wikipedia Edits, and outdated media. Change doesn’t have to be a bad thing, there are positive changes, and besides… Does everything truly vanish, or is it remixed and remediated into something new?


This section was actually my favorite thing that we talked about in class. With Agrippa there were so many medias that were added just to deliver the proper experience. Agrippa told more stories that you’d think, the inside of the book is his DNA code, the imagery, and the floppy disk in the hollowed-out pages. The disk was single use, and the ink from the book was light sensitive, meaning it would all fade away as son as it was exposed.


Banksy is a popular graffiti artist based in London who has many many popular works. In recent news he actually auctioned off one of his pieces with a built-in shredder. As soon as the painting was bought, it was shredded. However, there was a malfunction which left the painting only half shredded—which increased the value.


Wikipedia Edits

Wikipedia is something that almost everyone knows about, Wikipedia has become this bottomless pit of knowledge, everyone looks to it and it’s constantly changing and evolving. With Wikipedia edits it almost tells a story in a way, the bigger the edit, the bigger the circle and musical note are. My reasoning behind calling this a ‘lost’ story is simple; the edits eventually fade off the screen, and the music from the particular edit is gone, and so is the order of edits. I’ve personally spent hours listening to Wikipedia edits, and the thought that it’ll never be the same is amazing. The acoustic story is lost as soon as it’s heard.
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Old Media

The focus of this section is to dig deeper into the old media that is slowly becoming outdated, there’s a lot of things that I could cover in this section but instead I decided to focus on medias that are important to me: DvD’s, VHS tapes, and record players. While these are still around, the relevance between them just isn’t as important as they used to be. It’s important to realize just how much our world and technology is changing and updating. Our computers are getting smaller, our phone is now like a swiss army knife with more functions than I can count. I think the important part of this is to preserve the cultural aspect of these medias and try to preserve the technology, so it’s not lost in history.