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Fogg Dimensional has landed in your world and has come to offer its one of a kind travel services! Explore whole other dimensions by travelling through our unique gateways .

What exactly is Fogg Dimensional?.

Fogg Dimensional is leading the multiverse in interdimensional travel. Controlling every gateway currently known to any world. Fogg Dimensional is the sole provider of getting to and from any dimension. Fogg has created a web of gateways that bring multiple dimensions together to allow for new vacation destinations, adventures in new worlds, and possible new home for people. Fogg Dimensional also provides the possibility for exchange of technologies, resources, and culture between multiple dimensions. Mr.Fogg has not only brought worlds together in a thirst for travel, but united united them in a desire to better each other and explore an entire multiverse of lands.

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How we came to be Fogg Dimensional?

Phineas Fogg from a young age was a real go getter. Considered by many to be a dreamer. Also thinking of crazy ideas from travelling back in time to visiting the moon. Everyone simply ignored his ideas and wrote them off as fiction. However one night after being bet that he could not travel around the world in 80 days. Fogg increased the wager and promised to travel to a different world in 80 days. 79 days 23hours and 36 minutes later. Fogg had opened a large hole in a wall that led to another place, which turned out to be a different world. Using the money from the wager between the two Fogg then continued his research and found paths to multiple other worlds. Fogg decided there was money to be made with these gateways. He soon turned them into vacation and adventure venues. With these worlds that are so different yet also quite similar to the current one, people flocked to travel to these new destinations. Also the natives of the opposing worlds Fogg found wanted to visit Foggs world. Creating a huge market of people willing to pay to travel, visit, and even move to new worlds.

Where can I go? What's there?.

Fogg Dimensional operates in a mast number of worlds! Here are a few destinations Fogg Dimensional offers for travel..

Gateway S734m.

What is know as "steam punk" to this dimension is the norm in this world! Where steam powered objects never went out of style and old wooden things are cool. There are plenty of wonderful things to be seen through this gateway.

Gateway W47ch.

A world quite similar to yours. However a struggle known as "The Cold War" is still going on. However a few intelligent individuals with the last names Veidt and Manhattan are making strides in energy creation. If you're looking for a world similar to your own. This is the closest you will come.

Gateway o2.

In this strange world you may find yourself seeing witches from every direction. Many of the natives are rather short by this worlds standards but they sure do enjoy to sing and dance when the opportunity presents itself. Visiting the capital cities emerald streets is a must for this gateway destination.

Gateway W473r.

Looking for a nice time away by an ocean perhaps on a boat? You're in luck there is nothing but water in this world. There is talk of land somewhere but as far as anyone knows this planet is made entirely of water.


Gateway Fr1n63

While this universe is one of the closest we have found to yours the native people decided to have this gateway taken off the list. The department they call "Fringe Division will be permanently sealing this gateway in a substance they call "Amber" which will make travel no longer possible.

Gateway 4p3.

Due to the recent hostile activity from the native ape who rule with world we have decided that it is best to permanently close this gateway.

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