Raymond Alexander West


What I wanted to accomplish with this work was some basic knowledge and experience with working on a multi-media project. Being new to the whole DTC program made the project quite intimidating. However at the end of it all I am glad I stuck it out and dove into some new things I had never done before.


The idea was to have some kind of corny commercials for a made up company. Where better to look then cheesy sitcoms and other forms of comedy. With one particular sitcom by the name of The IT Crowd in mind I went forward with the intention of being cheesy and not to serious at all. Almost superbowl commercial like. This of course lead to a bit less stress over the projects and made creating videos a bit more fun. Also drawing some inspiration and random thoughts from Doctor Who, Portal, and the TV show Fringe all of which I tried to give a small shout out to in my work.

Fit within Larger Notion of Aesthetics.

My work can really fit in wherever I want it to. Since it is a bit far out and whacky (given that it focuses on an alternate version of Fogg) it can really be woven into anything someone else has produced or made.


Having not done anything with video in quite some time (8th grade to be exact) I had to learn how to use some editing software. Imovie was said to be very straight forward. Given the short time constraint with the project I elected to not do any live kind of shooting. So all the commercials are made with still images which had to be edited to fit my purposes using Photoshop which I had some previous experience using before. Lastly the videos needed some audio. Using GarageBand and a zoom microphone I was able to add the needed sounds and music.


My brain was pretty scattered a lot of the time because I was trying to do to many things at the same time. Writing for the commercials then brought on ideas of what to include on the website which would lead into things to post on the twitter feed which would then circle back to changing the commercials some. Basically I ended up have just a large bulletin board of ideas and thoughts and tried to keep my thoughts straight that way then slowly work on one aspect of the project at a time instead of trying to work on three different things at once.

Desired Results vs Actual Result.

I wanted to have at least 2-3 15-30 second short video commercials for the made up company as well as a twitter account. I ended up having three videos varying from 15seconds to 45 seconds and a twitter tied into the account with updates and other fun things. I had an idea for a fourth video but because of a slow start with the first three I was not able to get a 4th video in with the time permitted. I then took the rough idea I had for the 4th video and turned it into a short audio version for my podcast.


Once I started going I felt like I could have produced much more work and content given the time. It was rough at the start to get an idea rolling that seemed fitting and doable. While the work did meet the required guidelines I feel like given the knowledge I have now I can make things of a better quality. It was for sure a learning experience for me being a new student in the DTC program. However it also makes me excited for things to come because I know I can only go up from here.