Around the World in 80 Days is a transmedia storytelling experience, built as part of the DTC 354: Digital Storytelling class, taught by John Barber at Washington State University-Vancouver. Our task was to retell the story of Phileas Fogg, Passepartout and their companions using analog and digital artifacts, sounds and video, augmented reality and any other media forms that we could. The backbone of this project is the Travel Book that tells the story of Around the World in 80 Days from an unknown travelers viewpoint. This traveler has collected artifacts of the trip, including photographs, artwork, steamship and rail tickets and first person accounts of Foggs adventure. I sought to create an artifact of the trip, a physical, tangible piece that would stand on its own, even if no technology was available to view it. The physical artifact does take advantage of augmented reality (AR), powered by Aurasma, but I chose to only use AR in places that it provided a truly in depth experience. I truly hope you enjoy this show and the work that I, and my colleagues, have worked so hard to bring you.