Thomas Billison

Outside of school I participate in a few different activities and volunteer opportunities. Since last fall I have been volunteering weekly as a middle school leader at my church youth group. I lead a group of 7th grade boys. I spend time with them in small groups, during events, and outside of school frequently. Before becoming a leader I worked on the student ministry team. This meant that I was heavily involved with planning events, leadership, and taking responsibility within the church.

One thing that I love to do is make home movies. Throughout the last few years, I have been working on various video projects to help promote church events, help with school classes, and just for fun. Ive worked closely with youth pastors, teachers, and peers to complete these projects. I have worked on a variety of genres. I created a couple of science fiction movies, a historical movie, Christmas comedies, and even an action thriller. As I continue to learn in school and behind the camera, I plan on working with media for the rest of my life.

Alongside my live action movie carrer, I run a YouTube channel with my friends. We record video games with our commentary for public enjoyment! Our goal is to provide family friendly entertainment for our friends, families, and anyone who wishes to watch. We play a variety of games, ranging from sandbox creative games to strategic massive online battle arenas.