Thomas Billison

Who am I?

Hello, my name is Thomas Billison. I am a CMDC (or Creative Media and Digital Culture) student studying for a DTC degree, which is a degree in Digital Technology and Culture. I am also studying to minor in Political Science. I am currently going to school at Washington State University Vancouver campus. I am a sophomore, and starting to take more classes in my major working on honing my skills. Outside of school I am involved in a few different things. I am volunteering weekly as a middle school leader at my churchs youth group. Also I run a YouTube channel with my friends, where we record video games and commentary for public enjoyment! Alongside that I also have a YouTube channel for live action movies that I make, mostly just fun little projects that I decide to do. Unless it wasnt evident I do like to work with electronic media, and I hope the DTC program can help me archive my dreams.