5055 North Greenley Avenue.

Formerly Bess Kaiser Hospital, now adidas Village. Portland, OR 97217 USA

This “Portrait of a Place” project is about the Adidas-Solamon North America Headquarters located in Portland, Oregon, USA. A few things lead me to consider this location. For starters, it had to be a location that meant something to me. I love Adidas Tennis shoes. I’m always wearing appeal whether it’s athletic shorts, socks, or shirts with the company’s logo. Just ask my closest friends about me and my Adidas obsession.

The most intriguing part is that prior to 1998, the building was a hospital, the Bess Kaiser Hospital. I was born there on a Wednesday, December 10, 1985. Who knew this building would eventually be a trendy architectural staple for North Portland. Very interesting and unique if you ask me…

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