Network Media and Rights

Our network media culture is built upon by the ways the internet was made and continues to change as time goes on. With the easy access and ability for manipulation/copying that comes with digital media, it has become an issue of copyright and infringement issues for our developing world. The principles of Remediation brought forth by Bolter and Grusin talk about the ways in which new media borrows and uses techniques of older media to become innovative. Because development of new media requires the old, there are many similarities or copying that can occur between different medias. In other words, one media cannot exist without the older. This creates some challenges and opportunities for developing and growing types of media.

One of the issues that arise is finding a balance between using easy-access media to build upon and create and using too much original content where the creativity of new artists is lost. In Laurence Lessig’s book “Free Culture”, he discusses exactly this issue. Since media that exists is so easy to access, change and spread, it is only fair for users to do so. But at the same time, creativity and Originality is lost when too much of others’ people work is taken. This also creates the issue of copyright problems as well as artists not getting credit, money, or recognition for things they spent creating.

The tie between Bolter and Grusin’s ideas of remediation and the current issue of the challenges/opportunities of artists’ rights is that building upon others’ creations allows more opportunities for innovation and discoveries- whether that be through music, photography and video, or any other digital media. Simultaneously, the use of others work disturbs the process of art and creativity because people can steal others’ ideas- leading to copyright issues. The recognition of remediation and how it plays a role in issues we are facing today is an important aspect to remember when it comes to our developing world and the importance of finding a balance between being original and being innovative.


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16. February 2020 by Julia
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