Blog Post Eight

For my blog post I have chosen to analyze Inanimate Alice, by Kate Pullinger.

This short story film was fascinating to me. I like how it used the symbol of photos/objects to help contrast the words written to give a feeling of the setting the author was intending.

The work was very interactive, as if I was Alice, the 8 year old who is telling the story. By using interactive push-to-play features it felt as if I was sending a message to my lost father. Like I was taking the photos of the flowers on the way. Representing a classical feeling of being a child and having fun in the midst of your family worrying about the event at hand. The innocent cluelessness.

I really enjoyed the film’s side comments such as having a dog, where she lived, the fact of being in north chine, where nothing is. Then relating that to being 500 kilometers from a restaurant.

The index was very curious to my because I felt as if the index was inserted many times. The little girl was very intuitive and gave her perspective in the story while also entertaining me in the main storyline of finding her father. The moments where her mother asks her to be quiet or turn off her phone. There are all times where the daughter’s behavior acted as an index for me to focus my attention back to the story at hand.

These uses of symbol, index, and icon in this short film were very thought out. The way this interactive story played out was actually really fun and advanced for its time in 2005.

The system of signs used in this story were easy to follow, like I’ve mentioned before, very interactive which excited me as the reader. It also was an appropriate and well-balanced taste of plot, twists, character development and letting us into their world. Her father is in the middle of nowhere looking for oil sites in northern china. That helps me to understand the mystery box of what could be wrong with him. Breaking down with no signal was my first thought behind a car crash.

The story intended these thought, they gave information in a great way before giving answers to allow me to be very interested and start assuming before having a meaningful reflection as the viewer to come bc k into the storyline.

I will attempt to not only have myself grounded in the building blocks of a good story, anecdote and meaningful reflections, I will also learn from this drawing the value of having interactive, side developments and character development to help give a story what we all find so enjoyable.

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