Blog Post Eleven

The most basic stories can gather our attention or participation with something as simple as music these days. In the first video, a “boring” story is about a man waking up in a very abnormally quiet place. It is portrayed to be suspenseful. Nowadays, that combined with flickering lights and a little dramatic music, you have yourself a horror film.

These things become more and more accessible with new technology, along with a growing imagination. That is what I find so interesting about this topic. Not only has the technology evolved, but the minds of directors to understand the advancements in tech to allow themselves to theory craft new films and ideas that can or can not be produced. Very adapting career, it seems.

I can improve my storytelling by grounding myself with the roots of storytelling. The first video made things clear. There are two building blocks. An anecdote and meaningful reflection, it asks questions for the viewer to then receive an answer for in the future.

My weakness has been story development, so building blocks help me a lot. Another thing is to make sure there is not a repetitive nature unless there is meaningful reflection. If I ask questions and keep the viewer intrigued, the same action can happen over and over again.

I personally can benefit from making more compelling/interested character storylines. I, however, do find enjoyment in stories that follow a storyline. Still, each viewer could see things differently because perception is key often for a viewer to follow exactly who is or is not the main character, and what exactly is the storyline, vs sub story.

The TED Talk gave me my first reflection on the storyline of Jaws. I always saw Jaws as a shark movie, as simple as explained. Until he pointed out it wasn’t. The suspense of the actions made me skim over the facts of the estranged family with troubling issues in their marriage.

All in all, I’m focusing on being more connected with my story. I want to allow it to tell itself with a better understanding of the two building blocks in which to approach a story and detail on character development.

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