Dene GrigarDene Grigar is Director of the Electronic Literature Lab. She also serves as the Director of the Creative Media & Digital Technology Program at Washington State University Vancouver, with research focusing on the creation, curation, preservation, and criticism of Electronic Literature, specifically building multimedial environments and experiences for live performance, installations, and curated spaces; desktop computers; and mobile media devices. She has authored 14 media works, such as Curlew (with Greg Philbrook, 2014), “A Villager’s Tale” (with Brett Oppegaard, 2011), the “24-Hour Micro-Elit Project” (2009), When Ghosts Will Die (with Steve Gibson, 2005), “Fallow Field: A Story in Two Parts” (2004), and “The Jungfrau Tapes: A Conversation with Diana Slattery about The Glide Project” (2004), as well as four scholarly books and over 50 articles. She also curates exhibits of electronic literature and media art, mounting shows at the Library of Congress and for the Modern Language Association, among other venues. She serves as Associate Editor for Leonardo Reviews and President of the Electronic Literature Organization from 2013-2019. Her website is located at


Richard Snyder is the Assistant Director of the lab. He oversees the research into and production of the metadata for the 2500+ works of born-digital literature held in The NEXT. He also serves as a liaison between the lab and artists with collections in The NEXT. When he is not busy in the lab, Richard is a PhD Candidate at Washington State University Vancouver’s English Department where his research focuses on intersections of word and images in literary media. As part of his dissertation research, he is currently developing Early Modern Visual Reader (EMVR), a digital platform that remediates the experience of reading early modern literature within its own visual culture. He also teaches Digital Storytelling and Data Visualization for the Creative Media & Digital Culture program at the university. 


Holly SlocumHolly Slocum is Project Manager and Multimedia Designer in the Electronic Literature Lab (ELL). She completed her B.A. in Digital Technology and Culture and specializes in user experience design, front-end web development, and digital preservation. Her work includes the reconstitution of several pieces of electronic literature, including Richard Holeton’s hypertext novel Figurski at Findhorn on Acidand Deena Larsen’s 17 hypertext kanji-ku poems. She also designed and manages the development of The NEXT, a multimedia museum and archive space owned by Electronic Literature Organization (ELO). Holly also serves as the Coordinator for ELO and designer for The Digital Review.


Kathleen Zoller

Kathleen Zoller is a Post-Baccalaureate Researcher in the Electronic Literature Lab who graduated with her B.A. in Digital Technology and Culture. She managed the production of ELO’s The NEXT during Phase 3 of its development, a multimedial museum, library, and archival space for born-digital literary artwork collected by the Electronic Literature Organization. Her research includes The Progressive Dinner Party Restored, which preserved 39 flash and shockwave works using Rhizome’s Webrecorder tool; the migration of Richard Holeton’s Figurski at Findhorn on Acid from Storyspace to open web languages; and the restoration of Annie Grosshan’s The World Is Not Done Yet.



Greg Philbrook

Greg Philbrook graduated from the Creative Media & Digital Culture Program and now works as the program’s information and instructional technician. As a developer, he headed the creation of Electronic Literature Organization’s (ELO) The NEXT and has produced the catalog for the Electronic Literature Lab (ELL). He participates in the preservation projects in ELL and has collaborated with media artists, Dene Grigar on “Curlew,” and John Barber on “Sound Spheres.” He has also served as the technical support at exhibitions curated by Grigar at the Library of Congress, ELO, Modern Language Association, and Digital Humanities Summer Institute.


2020-2021 Research Affiliates

The Electronic Literature Lab welcomes two Research Affiliates during 2020-2021. This is a formal position in the lab categorized by Washington State University as Adjoint Faculty. Because the nature of the position is research focused, the activities of Research Affiliates are flexible and designed to enhance their research agendas and personal goals.


Mariusz Pisarski
, PhD, is author of “Xanadu. Hypertextual metamorphosis of fiction” (Kraków, 2013). He has presented digital literacy projects at contemporary art spaces in Paris, Warsaw, Bratislava, Kosice and Vancouver and has translated American digital literature. He also serves as the chief editor of Techsty, a journal on new media and literature, and as creative director for multimedia in Korporacja Ha!art from Cracow.



Astrid Ensslin, PhD, is Professor in Digital Humanities and Game Studies at the University of Alberta, Canada, and Director of Media and Technology Studies. Ensslin has published several books on gaming and media, including, most recently, “Literary Gaming” (2014). She is principal editor of the Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds.


Visiting Scholars & Post Docs

  • Julia Police-O’Neill, Ell Fellow, 2019-2020
  • Amy Spencer, ELL Fellow, 2019-2020
  • Élika Ortega (U.S.). Research into print manuals accompanying electronic literature. Spring 2018.
  • Piotr Marecki (Poland). Study of media archaeology lab. August 2017.
  • Monika Górska-Olesińska (Poland). Research into Stephanie Strickland’s True North. September 2016.
  • Daniela Maduro (Portugal). Shapeshifting texts: keeping track of electronic literature. May-June 2016.
  • Ula Pawlicka (Poland). Fulbright Scholar. A study of electronic literature contributing to her dissertation. August 2014-February 2015.

Previous CMDC Undergraduate Researchers

Mariah Gwin (2017-2020), Andrew Nevue (2018-2020), Moneca Roath (2018-2020), Austin Fields (2018-2019), Katie Bowen (2017-2018), Vanessa Rhodes (2017-2018), Veronica Whitney (2017-2018), Madeleine Brookman (2015-2016), Amalia Vacca (2013-2015), and Seti Alizedeh (2012-2013)

Undergraduate Docents for Exhibits for Electronic Literature Exhibits

Setareh Alizadeh, Keeley Bitton, Madeleine Brookman, Nicole Buckner, Eli Campbell, Melissa Carroll, Hunter Crawford, Serena Devera-Taualo, Neita Faris, Evan Flanagan, Natalie Hendren, Morgan Hutchinson, Jason Lee, Kerri Lingo, Alan McGinnis, Gary Nasca, Kate Palermini, Greg Philbrook, Margarete Strawn, Nic Stevens, Amalia Vacca, Haley Zach