Final Project UXUI 478 Spring

Presentation on Presentations

Week 15: Presentations Overview


This module focuses on user requirements analysis based PRESENTATIONS. Good design is CRAP, contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity.
Designing a good presentation requires CRAM as well. Clarity, relevance, animation, and method.
Clarity requires you to plan out how to deliver content in a precise and ineligible way. Do not bombard your user with giant walls of text or rambling mountains of oration.
Determining the Relevance of information requires you to know your audience. The audience is your user and you should dig deep to discover what will be relevant to them, why should they care about what you have to share?
Animation can assist you in connecting with the audience and engaging the user in a transfer of ideas. Examples of animation include slides, videos, and many other forms of visual communication.
Method is the way you structure your information to best lead your user to the main point of your presentation. Your method should be a logical and well formed plan, use of a wire frame or outline would assist in making a good flowing structure.

Learning goals include:

  • Identify your user
  • Design effective presentation content
  • How to CRAM CRAP into your presentations

So What?

Identifying the user in relation to your presentation and designing your presentation with user requirements in mind leads to effective, poineitent and influencial presentations.
Powerful presentations can change history.
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Marten Luther King Junior credit from