(Dis)Location, (Dis)Connection, (Dis)Embodiment

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Copy published by Self-published on CD-ROM in 2008. Currently in The Dene Grigar Collection.

Grigar received this work along with three others from the artist for the ELO 2008 Conference and Media Art Exhibit that she chaired. It along with the others were selected for the exhibit hosted at Clark College. The work was sent with three other CDS, all of which were shown at the ELO 2008 Media Art Festival: "Calling America: March on the Pentagon," "uConnect," and "OneSmallStep: A MySpace LuvStory." Website archive on CD.

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      "'(Dis)Location, (Dis)Connection, (Dis)Embodiment' is a collective experiment in database video and random access narrative. The installation is the work of many artists, each responsible for thirty seconds of video attempting to engage with paradoxes if digital culture and 21st century communications."--Mark Cooley and Edgar Endress

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