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Copy published by Eastgate Systems, Inc. on Flash Drive in 1997~. Currently in The Dene Grigar Collection.

This is one of two copies Grigar was given by the author during her visit to ELL for the general use in the lab as well as for the Traversal of the work. This copy was produced to address the problem of access and obsolescence inherent in previous versions of the work. There are two thumb drives associated with this version. One contains the work itself and the other the virtual machine to run it. The original work was produced with Toolbox and published in 2000 for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000.

Tested and working on the following operating systems:

Requires the following software:

  • VMware Workstation v12

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      M. D. Coverley

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      Eastgate Systems, Inc.




      "Spanning five generations of swashbuckling Californians, 'Califia' is the story of Augusta Summerland's epic search for a lost cache of gold. Join Augusta, and her friends Kaye and Calvin, on their adventures in modern Los Angeles, where they unearth mysteriously incomplete documents in local archives, discover old California myths and legends, and connive to outwit an edgy businessman with his own designs on the elusive Treasure of Califia."--Eastgate Systems, Inc.

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