Artist Statement
For our game, our group decided to tackle the issue of homelessness in America, more specifically homelessness in Portland-Vancouver area. In our storyline, the player is a reporter who is called into their boss’s office to cover this important issue.
The boss has a lead for the player to follow, they want the player to interview a person named Jun who once was homeless, but now is involved with helping the community. The gameplay is inspired by actual interviews conducted by our team members and has real information about places where you can volunteer your time or make a donation. In order to progress in the game, the player engages in dialogue with Jun and points are earned depending on the player’s responses.
Jun also tasks you with sorting through donations determining what will be useful and what won’t. Depending on how the player conducts themselves in the dialogue and how well he is able to help with the volunteering determines whether or not John will do the interview with you.
Success is determined by the number of points the player has accumulated by doing these tasks, if you don’t have enough points it is a failure and you have to start over, otherwise Jun agrees to the interview and you win the game.