About “Island Reach”

“Island Reach” is a story where the protagonist wakes up washed up on a beach with no knowledge of where they came from, where they are, or who they are. It is similar to a survival game where the character has little to no resources and must explore the unknown. In this story we help the protagonist make decisions that could lead to them finding out what’s going on, but we can also impede their progress and cause them to aimlessly wander around. If and when we get to the “happy ending” however, we find that all that glitters is not gold.

URL to the work: https://dtc-wsuv.org/bagaliyev19/Island%20Reach.html



Barysh Agaliyev is a student at Washington State University Vancouver majoring in Digital Technology & Culture, while also pursuing a Games Studies and Design Certificate and a minor in Anthopology. He is 23 years and expects to graduate in Spring 2021. He has too many academic interests, which caused him to be undecided for too long, but he is now committed to his major and trying to be the best he can be by the time he graduates. He is also interested in cinema, visual effects, coding, and astronomy, which he plans to pursue on his own time.