About “The Fragile Mind”

The story starts off in a small, cold, dark, and minimalistic room. Tony Redwood has no recollection of how he ended up in this room. It seems familiar, but his mind just can’t confidently grasp at any memories. Tony seeks to find his way back home through an unknown strange new world. During his travels, he will run into people he knows but at the same time cannot remember. The story is a take on dementia and the player will follow along with Tony as he finds clues of his past. Will he make it back home?

URL to the work: https://tonyagreenwood.neocities.org/The%20Fragile%20Mind.html



Anthony Greenwood served in the United States Army from 2006-2010. He completed one tour in Afghanistan from 2008-2009. He is currently a Senior at Washington State University Vancouver, and he is studying Digital Technology & Culture. He will be graduating May 09, 2020. Growing up, he was always into creating music, art, and finding new ways to express my creativity. He started playing the bass guitar at age 13. Eventually, he migrated to playing guitar. Now, he plays guitar, bass, piano, and sing (he tries). In my spare time he is always creating something new.