About “Frog and the Magic Scarf”

Taking some inspiration from games like “Kentucky Route Zero”, Dungeons and Dragons, and old school text adventure games, you start out as a lowly frog who doesn’t even know they want adventure and friends. Though you don’t choose the actions of Frog, you instead choose the flavor of action fleshing out their personality. A slight twist on typical text base games where you are the parser and not the player.


URL to the story: https://dtc-wsuv.org/anicholas20/frogstory.html



Ahria Nicholas is a DTC major at WSU Vancouver. Originally studying electrical engineering, she wanted to do more creatively. Having special interests in video game development, specifically VR, she thought that DTC was a much better fit. Ahria has a love for cinema, music, linguistics, and computers, and tries to find ways to combine them all. Additionally she enjoys going out on hikes, finding the next interesting board game, and tinkering with electronics.