About “New Boy”
“New Boy” is a story about a silent observer named Harry who is just starting high school as a freshman. Harry has suffered from two of the most important people in his life dying, causing him a lot of trauma. Because of these traumatic deaths, Harry suffers from social anxiety/awkwardness and depression. Harry starts off high school on a bad foot, but he soon becomes friends with a group of seniors that take him in under their wing. He meets a girl in the group named Ellie and she tries to help Harry find his way and be there for him when he needs someone.


URL to the work: https://dtc-wsuv.org/bmcmillan20/mcmillan-new-boy.html




Brianna McMillan is a Freshman at Washington State University Vancouver. She is majoring in Digital Technology & Culture and minoring in Communications. Brianna developed her love for art as a child and went to the Vancouver School of Arts and Academics to gain experience in different art forms. She took many graphic design and visual art classes and realized she wanted to dive deeper into digital technology. Brianna’s strengths include writing, sketching, and photography, but she hopes to become much more advanced when it comes to digital art. When she is not in school, you can find Brianna working at her job at Why Racing Events, an event company that puts on races. Brianna also loves to braid hair as a hobby, as well as workout.