About “Mkali’s Wrath”

Inspired by the heavy metal world of Brütal Legend, and Christian and Norse Mythology, “Mkali’s Wrath” follows an African woman whose village was raided, and her people taken as slaves, by a sadistic cult called, “The Pure,” an army of white supremacists bent on “cleansing the world.” With weapons gifted to her by a Valkyrie, Mkali Bapoto must confront the cult if she wants to free her people. This story is a celebration of the strength of women and people of color, and a message about the ridiculous idea that any one type of people is superior to another.

URL to the work: https://dtc-wsuv.org/esundwall18/Wrath/index



Elaina Sundwall developed the code of Mkali’s Wrath in Twine. Elaina is focused on web development, she is experienced with HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript, and is working on growing her knowledge of Javascript frameworks. Elaina enjoys working with Twine and has created many works she is proud of, including a retelling of “Red Riding Hood” created with Jake Martin and “Hypertext in Documents”  a hyperlinked essay created in Twine arguing that the inclusion of hyperlinks improves the structure and meaning of essays. Elaina spends her free time hiking with her dog.


Dave Sabrowski is a digital designer and perpetual student of the arts and science with an AA in Visual Communications. While living in the eastern Asian countries for 4 years, he fell in love with the different cultures from Japan, to Korea, to Hongkong and other countries. He takes inspiration from science and science fiction, as well as rock genres and feminist works. He is currently learning video game design and development in hopes to follow his passion of video games. In his spare time, he plays video games, reads up on new sciences, and spends time with his family.