About “Trail of Clues”

Trail of Cluesis a Twine story about a woman visiting her parents from California. She knows her parents well, which is why it was strange when they didn’t greet her once she got home from the airport. At first, she dismisses the unusual silence she is greeted with once she enters her childhood home, but after realizing her parents were gone overnight, she knew something was wrong. Now, she must follow the trail of clues that may or may not lead her to her parents. As she discovers each clue, a choice needs to be made. Will she make the right choices along the way?

URL to the story: https://dtc-wsuv.org/kgarnica-avila19/trail-of-clues.html


Kenia Garnica-Avila is a senior at Washington State University Vancouver majoring in integrated strategic communication and minoring in digital technology and culture. Kenia’s interests include marketing and multimedia content creation with an emphasize on social media, graphic design, photography, and video production. Kenia’s interest grew in her first job as an events photographer and videographer in 2018. Her interest in strategic communication began after taking a career exploring class at Clark College where she earned her associates in arts in 2018. Additionally, Kenia enjoys reading, painting, embroidering, and spending time outdoors. She was born in Vancouver, Washington and raised in a Mexican American household, visiting her parents’ hometown in Mexico as often as possible.