About “Elemental Princesses”

“Elemental Princesses” is a story about how each element shapes each person individually, both mentally and physically. These princesses are sisters that were born with magic powers from the four arching elements; fire, earth, air, and water. The princesses have no name, however they have distinct personalities. The player is meant to choose a path of their own desires and see what it entails. The path of each element explains what they must work for and adjust towards to then accept the invitation of their chosen elemental princess in the end. If they were to decline, there would be mixed responses. However, if they accept, their journey to mastering that element begins. Would they choose to perform the acts of their chosen element in real life is a personal choice.

This story was influenced by Avatar, The Last Airbender.

URL to the story: https://dtc-wsuv.org/mfrancisco20/Twine%20Project%20DTC%20354/The%20Elemental%20Princesses.html


Matthew Francisco is a junior at Washington State University pursuing a B.A in Creative Media and Digital Culture (CMDC). He transferred from Clark College earning him an A.A in Graphic Design. Some of Matthew’s design works from Clark College were published into the 2019 Phoenix, an award winning art and literary magazine while also getting showcased in the Art Student Annual at the Archer Gallery. Matthew focuses his works to tell a fantastical story that is both elegant yet alluring. He is passionate about fashion and beauty, but when it comes to creativity, it usually revolves around flowers, magic, and supernatural princesses.