Spring 2019 Project & Teams

Now iTour project created in fall 2018

During the semester 27 students in this course will be creating for the Clark County Historical Museum, the Clark Clark Historical Society, and Clark County an app-based walking tour for Vancouver’s historic areas.

Professional Staff:
Professor: Dene Grigar
Programming Consultant: Adam Denny
Technical Support: Greg Philbrook

Project Manager:
Project Manager: Travis Toth

App/Web Dev: Team Leader: Cam Plute

Mike Mason
Nate Rawson
Zack Wakefield

Design: Team Leader: Anne Murray

Briar Anderson
Nadia Martinez
Kaikee Perry
Jessie Rushing
Amanda Wiant

Content Development: Team Leader: John Alexander

Mandi Barnes
Richard Boneski
Evan Cottle
Cody Gilbert
Annie Hoch-South
KC Johnson
Trav Jones
Che’Lynne Martinelli
Mason Stiller
Brandon VanSluis

Promotions: Team Leader: Lamar Cuffie

Deborah Dolphin
Melissa Eldridge
David Schneider
Molly Urban

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