Fall 2018 Project & Teams

Life Renewed Exhibit

“Life Renewed,” the transmedia environment created by seniors in fall 2014 for the Mount St. Helens Science & Learning Center at Goldwater Station

During the semester 21 students in this course will be creating a walking tour that utilizes wearable technology created by RealWear for the historic areas under management of The Historic Trust. Students will also produce a white paper based on research on the topic of the efficacy of location based wearable technology for way finding and tours.

Professional Staff:
Professor: Dene Grigar
Art Director: Connor Goglin
Technical Support: Greg Philbrook

Project Manager:
Project Manager: Katie Bowen

#1 Tour: Team Leader: Kaitlyn Slorey

Video editor: Troy Scott
Multimedia writer: Bill Erickson
Audio producer: McKenzie Wells
Multimedia Designer: Kaitlyn Slorey
Programmer(s): Katelyn Lindsey, Andrew Pham
UX/UI: Keaton Burnett

#2. Maps: Team Leader: Henry Brooks

Multimedia Designer: Valentin Krasovsky
Animator: Rachel Gellinger and Josh Roberts
Multimedia Writer: Henry Brooks

#3. Documentation: Team Leader: Evelyn Smith

Videographer/Video Editor: Taylor Jones, Zachary Losness
Multimedia Writer: Evelyn Smith
Multimedia Designer: Payton Leahy
Social Media Specialist: Burke Johnson

#4. Website: Team Leader: Austin Fields

Web Developer: Peter Thompson
Front End Designer: Austin Fields
Content Development Specialist: Taylor Riordan
UX/UI: Sean Frazier

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