Spring 2018 Project & Teams

Life Renewed Exhibit

“Life Renewed,” the transmedia environment created by seniors in fall 2014 for the Mount St. Helens Science & Learning Center at Goldwater Station

This spring we are working on two projects in class. The first one involves a partnership, once again, with The Historic Trust to build an augmented reality (AR) mobile game app, an accompanying website that provides info about the project, a meta-website to host all of their digital engagement projects, and assistance with their digital marketing. The second reflects a new partnership with an international game company, The BradField Company, that involves a team of students handling the digital marketing for their new Virtual Reality game, Inanimate Alice: Perpetual Nomads.

Professional Staff:
Art Director: Dene Grigar, CMDC Faculty
AR/VR Consultant: Connor Goglin, CMDC Staff
Tech Support: Greg Philbrook, CMDC Staff

Project Manager:
Project Manager: Randi Brothers

#1 The Historic Trust AR Game Project

1. Web Dev Team
Nathan Craciun, Team Leader
Jonathan Wambach
Nathan Wills
Taran Blankenship
Ben Woodruff
Erin McBride
Yunzoo Oh

2. Multimedia Design
Royner Mendoza, Co-Team Leader; Front End Web Design
Krystyna Shenk, Co-Team Leader; Front End Web Design
Vicki Tolmacheva, App & Logo Design
Lindsey Norberg, Lead Designer, App & Logo Design
Lawrence Hikalea, Front End Web Design
Diana Boligar, App and Logo Design

3. Content Development Team
Scott Allen, Team Leader
Vanessa Rhodes: animation (double duties on the game team)
Evan Torres: animation (double duties on game team)
Erin Carlie: animation and 3D modeling
Erin Cooper: multi-platform writing
Valerie Parrish: video and photography
Nathan Nienaber: research and writing

4. Digital Marketing
Stephanie Maldonado (will be working directly with The Historic Trust)

5. Game Design Team
Baily Anderson, Co-Team Leader
Vanessa Rhodes, Co-Team Leader
Bethany Kokal
David K. Schneider
Evan Torres

#2 Digital Marketing for Inanimate Alice: Perpetual Nomads (The BradField Company)
Julli Krishko, Team Leader
Veronica Whitney
Tia Tsugawa
John Oberg

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