Fall 2022 Project & Teams

Now iTour project created in fall 2018

During the semester 25 students will be taking DTC 497 and working on a re-creation of the 1992/3 interactive game by John McDaid, Uncle Buddy’s Phantom Funhouse. Below is the list of teams and students.

Professional Staff:
Professors: Dene Grigar & Chris Dreger
Lead Project Staff from the Electronic Literature Lab: Greg Philbrook & Holly Slocum

Project Manager:
Project Manager: Colin Smith

Game Dev Team

Stratton Slater, Team Leader

Sorya Baxter, Web Design
Jessica Grubbs, Web Development
Roxana Moreno-Flores, Web Design
Jessica Unruh, Front End Design

UX/UI Team

Michele Carson, Team Leader

Tair Tedorov, UX/UI
Lauren Varney, UX/UI

Motion Graphics & 3D Modeling Team

Madiera Vath, Team Leader (Video)

Jaden Denfield, 3D Modeling
Flynn Gonzales, 2D Animation
Victoria Moehring, 2D Animation
Nix Pendergast, 2 & 3D Animation
Georgina Reyes-Garcia, Video
Lily Tan, 2 & 3D Design & Animation
Lauren Weatherford, 3D Animation

Multimedia Design Team

Rachael Kramer, Team Leader

Danny Blanchard
Adina Cazacu
Jennifer Cox
Aaron Hume
Elsa Temme
Tiffany Tucker

Social Media Promotions

Kara Klaus Team Leader

Glen Krekow-Carnes
Thea Hieronymus
Ronnie Yaacoub

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