Fall 2017 Project & Teams

Life Renewed Exhibit

“Life Renewed,” the transmedia environment created by seniors in fall 2014 for the Mount St. Helens Science & Learning Center at Goldwater Station

This fall we are building an augmented reality (AR) environment, an accompanying website that provides info about the project as well as a digital timeline, and digital marketing for Providence Academy, one of the region’s most beloved historical treasures. Opened over a 100 years ago and founded by Mother Joseph, the site, acquired recently by Fort Vancouver National Trust, is undergoing renovation and preservation. The Trust is asking us to produce a “visitor engagement tool” and bringing “fresh eyes” to the project. .

Professional Staff:

Art Director: Dene Grigar, CMDC Faculty
AR/VR Consultant: Connor Goglin, CMDC Staff
Tech Support: Greg Philbrook, CMDC Staff

Student Staff & Teams:

Project Manager: Johnny Fairchild
Research Assistant: Rosemary Nielsen

1. Web Dev Team
Jessica Smith, Team Leader
Nick Chow
Jenel Cohen
Austin Lewis
Jen Prosser
Mark Campbell

2. Multimedia Design
Savage Savage, Team Leader
Chuck Mitchell
Polina Skylova

3. Content Development Team
Eli Campbell & MacKenzie Koch, Co-Team Leaders
Mitchell Barnette, video
Bernd Hoffman, audio
Samantha Van Luik, 3D modeling
MacKenzie Koch, video
Ryan Schafte, 3D modeling
Amanda Egan, animation

4. Digital Marketing Team
Adam Goddard, Team Leader
Brittany Davis
Cody Lane

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