Spring 2017 Project & Teams

Life Renewed Exhibit

“Life Renewed,” the transmedia environment created by seniors in fall 2014 for the Mount St. Helens Science & Learning Center at Goldwater Station

This spring we are building a Triple A action game for a company in Seattle that will be accessible with Vive and Gear VR. Additionally we are developing a desktop version of the game, the game’s website, and strategy for the digital marketing for the game.

AJ Schock, Lead Project Manager
Connor Goglin, VR Consultant

  1. Engine and Assets Team:
    This team will produce the Unity Game Engine used for exporting game to Vive and GearVR and create all of the 3D assets for the environment
    ***Christopher Pien: Team Leader
    Josh Davenport: 3D artist/generalist
    Paul Meiners: 3D animation and modeling; 2D animation=
    Jeremy Testerman: 2 & 3D animation
    Ryan Thornton, Unity dev
    Bryan Zacharias: 2D & 3D animation
    Travis Lane: 3D modeling
    Eli Campbell, Environmental modeling

2. Web Dev:
This team will assist with coding for the Engine and create the game’s website

***Tyler Hickey, Team Leader

Michelle Alvarez: Full stack developed
Justine Hanrahan: Front end developer
Kate Palermini, AR/VR specialist

3. Design Team:
This team will develop and implement style guide for the look and feel of the AR/VR environment, game posters, and website

***Aaron Birch, Team Leader

Jewell Harrington, designer
Anna Hixon, Lead Designer
Joan Holt, designer
Kayleen McDonnell, designer
Haley Mitcham, designer

Social Media Marketing:
This team will create the social media presence for games and assist Web Dev Team with SEO and SEM and produce a comparative marketing report

***Amy Roberts, Team Leader

John Combs
Marina Gephardt
Brian Hallberg
Christina Lopatin

Content Development Team:
This team will create the video game trailers, videos for the game website, and sounds for the VR environment

***John Lawrentz: Team Leader

Thomas Billison: video
Madeleine Brookman: video
Payton Standfill: sound

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