WEEK 11: Workshop
(October 30 – November 3)

To Do This Week:

Build and Design Multimodal Projects

In Class:

Multimodal Narrative Projects
folder name: “narrative”
Multimodal Narrative List 01
Multimodal Narrative List 02

In-class Critiques on Wednesday (Nov 1) and Thursday (Nov 2)
Later in the week there will be in-class pod critiques of your Multimodal Narrative projects. While I am not grading this part of the project, I will give 3 extra credit points if you come to class with a nearly complete project for the pod critiques and my feedback.If you do not have a nearly complete design, then there is no need to come to class. Just keep working.  So that means the Wed/Thurs classes are optional with an option for extra credit and project feedback

Multimodal Projects DUE Friday Nov 10
the final project for grading 

Build a responsive website for a work of multimodal writing (writing with integrated media) that is a minimum of 1000 words. Your site should have a designed navigation bar with at least two pages – the main page and an about page with information about you the author. You may break up your narrative into multiple pages with links in the nav bar. For example, if your topic is a band or musician, you might want to break up the narrative into pages of different periods or albums.

Your grade in this assignment will be based on your effort and thoughtful consideration of:

  • responsive design
  • visual hierarchy (layout, color)
  • typography
  • html and css syntax and formatting
  • narrative content (text and media)
  • integrated media (images, sound and/or video*)

Statement with your Narrative Project:
Include a one paragraph statement about the narrative project on your site or as an about link. What was the nature of the assignment? Describe the project idea you settled on and why. Describe the specific learning processes, challenges and/or outcomes in making this website. This is for you to properly document your work for your portfolio.


Narrative Project Critique / DTC 355


  1. Address the questions below on separate note paper per student project in your group of 3-4
  2. Groups discuss/critique each project consecutively based on notes for each work
  3. Give your critiques notes to each of the students you evaluated.
  4. Take these critiques of your work as guidelines for a redesign – you do not have to follow all suggestions.

Critique Guide:

  • Describe the site’s visual hierarchy? Is it effective? What could make it more effective?
  • How effective is the typography? Does it help or hinder your comprehension of the content? Suggest solutions.
  • How do you experience “closure” between the site’s different media and text fragments? How is your imagination engaged with the narrative? Does it flow? What would improve that narrative design?
  • Good storytelling has both repetition and variation, rhythm and surprise. Does the site set up patterns for understanding the content? Is there any variation or difference in these patterns to help highlight certain elements from others?
  • Offer suggestions for how the layout and navigation structure might better engage the user.
  • Other comments or suggestions?