Info Card Assignments:

Info Card weekly assignments progressively build a short one-page content page about any topic, fiction or nonfiction:  basic car maintenance, the basal ganglia, an alien invasion, anything. For content, you can use Wikipedia content, Google searches, or any AI tools. Please source your content that is not yours and provide links at the bottom of the page. Small weekly tasks on your Info Card will demonstrate the application of techniques discussed in the weekly modules. Follow along with the weekly videos for how to complete these assignments.

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Blackbird Project

The Blackbird Project will take the next two weeks, starting with this week where you will follow along with my video to build the HTML to format a poem. In the process you will learn how to set up an HTML5 website and apply the correct HTML “tags” for different types of content, and upload the site and its files to a server, so that it can be accessed on the web with a url.

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Recipe Project

In the next few weeks, using HTML and CSS skills introduced so far in this class, you will create a one-page responsive website for a Recipe. You can use a family recipe, an historical recipe, a recipe you find on the web (that you credit), or one you make up. You are welcome to use AI tools for content, but the coding should be your own hand-written HTML and CSS. In the second week, you will learn how to apply CSS for Visual Hierarchy.

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Multimodal Narrative Project  

Build a responsive website for a work of integrated writing and media that is a minimum of 1000 words. Your site should have a designed navigation bar with at least two pages – the main page and an about page with information about you the author. You may break up your narrative into multiple pages with links in the nav bar. For example, if your topic is a band or musician, you might want to break up the article into pages of different periods or albums.

Along with the text, you should illustrate your page with images and/or other media, like audio, video or gif animations. Apply visual hierarchy in your CSS design so that color, typography, layout best expresses your content.

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Using HTML5 and CSS, handcode a multiple-page* responsive portfolio website that allows you to present and promote yourself and your work to potential employers and friends.

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