WEEK 15: Portfolio Critique
(December 4-8)

To Do This Week:

Portfolio: Final Design


Sites Completed for Peer Critique 
DUE  Dec 6/7 (Wed/Thurs in the last week of classes)

Sites Due for Grading  –
DUE Dec 12th

The Portfolio Projects should be in a folder called “portfolio”

Ongoing issues:

  • the title of your site (your name) is the <h1> and should be in the same place on each page
  • enough padding around text
  • text-align:left on paragraphs!
  • resize images for web
  • style links!
  • screen real estate – reduce header and nav and sizes
  • color contrast for reading
  • use 5+ different colors from a color scheme
  • validate!

Critique Portfolios


  1. Use a single sheet of paper for each critique of a student project in your group of 3-4. 
  2. Silently address the questions below for each student on the sheet of paper. These are notes, not essays!
  3. Groups gather around a computer and discuss/critique each project consecutively based on the notes/responses to questions.
  4. Then give your written critique notes to each of the students you evaluated
  5. Take these critiques of your work as guidelines for a redesign – you do not have to follow all suggestions.


  1. What 2-3 words (or phrases) describe the overall impression of the site design?
  2. How does “difference” in certain design elements (layout, typography, color) focus attention? Is this difference effective? Is there difference that is confusing or distracting? Are boxes out of alignment?
  3. How effective is the typography? Does it help or hinder your comprehension of the content? Is there enough contrast?
  4. Does the site navigation help or hinder your experience of the content? Are the links, the navigation bar, buttons, galleries and/or pop-up images clear and working properly?
  5. Is the color scheme effective or distracting? What suggestions do you have to improve the site’s color?
  6.  Does the site present the content well? Is it accessible and effective in presenting the student’s digital work
  7. Other Comments/Suggestions? Anything not working properly? Are images too big or out of proportion? Any spelling or grammar mistakes?

Course Evaluations