WEEK 3: HTML Flow (September 4-8)

To Do This Week:

  • Work on Blackbird: HTML  (mostly in class)
  • Once you have completed the HTML for the Blackbird project, upload the “blackbird” folder to the server following the FTP instruction from last week. – Due Friday

In Class

Blackbird Project
Nouspace Student Gallery – Blackbird Projects

Blackbird HTML 


FTP issues...

DTC355-01 Blackbird list
DTC355-02 Blackbird list

Backup by uploading regularly! 

Open Blackbird in Sublime Text:

Blackbird HTML 

  • open folder! 
  • sidebar toggle 
  • word wrap
  • find/replace
  • anchor links

HTML Review

  1. HTML: Hypertext Markup Language
  2. HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  3. FTP: File Transfer Protocol
  4. absolute vs. relative urls
  5. index.html
  6. Basic HTML structure for a page: <html><head></head><body></body></html>
  7. <title></title>
  8. HTML syntax: <element attribute=”value”></element>
  9. HTML5 semantic elements: p, img, header, nav, article, section, aside, footer
  10. parents and children (nested elements)
  11. block vs. inline
  12. headings: h1-6
  13. <div> and <span>
  14. <p>, <em>, <small>, <br>, <img>
  15. attributes: id and class, style
  16. <a>: anchor (internal) and external links
  17. doctype declaration: <!DOCTYPE html>
  18. HTML commenting: <!-- comment -->

HTML tag reference

Working with Images – 

  • image are inline
  • figure/figcaption element
  • style dimension vs actual dimension
  • resolutions
  • resizing images in Photoshop or Gimp.org
  • image file formats
  • transparency 
  • exports