WEEK 12: Project Research: Develop & Design
(April 3 & 5)

To Do This Week:

Canvas Project (Game): 10% Due by Friday April 7th


View Audio/Video Projects
Audio/Video Projects List
In this project you are to use JavaScript to manipulate audio and/or video elements on the page…. Your JavaScript must have detailed comments at each stage of the script describing what the code is doing.

Workshop Canvas Game
Canvas-Game List

Canvas Game Workshop: interactive design
css styles 
results – turn alerts and prompts into divs
css transitions for fade in and fade out
canvas/content under 1000px or use media queries (width in %, max-width: 1000px)

Send me a Slack message with a description of your Final Project idea

Quiz #2 on Wednesday April 19th
In this quiz, you will be given a sheet of paper in which you hand-write Javascript. I will give 5 tasks to complete.
starter html file